Lessons and Integration

Lesson and Integration Ideas

Websites that feature music integration concepts and lesson plans

Music Resource Guide for Students

Excellent site that includes music theory lessons, where to find the best music apps and educational music games for all ages, music scholarships for students, where to find secondhand instruments, and so much more! Thank you to to Ashley and Mrs. G. in Knox County, Maine for recommending this resource!

A Musical Playground for Kids: Music Theory Lessons

A great overview of all things related to music theory, including practice tools and games! Music theory with a children's focus. Thank you to Sam and her Girl Scouts troop for recommending this site!

Musical Glossary for Kids

Overview of terms related to music! Musical Glossary site for kids from the Theater Seat Store. Thanks again to Sam and her Girl Scouts troop for recommending this site!

Educational CyberPlayGround - Music Education

Music links, materials, and resources for educators.

Music Tech Teacher

The site is an extension of the music technology classroom at a school in Birmingham, AL. Focused on grades 2-5,

the site contains a good selection of resources, links, and information.