Information & Research

Research, Organizations, and Information Links

Information relating to research and other topics in the area of music education.

EdTech Life

A great Blog from Mark Wagner, Ph.D.

NAMM Foundation

Association of the International Music Products Industry.

Support Music

A joint effort of the International Music Products Industry (NAMM) and the National Association for Music Education

(MENC) that presents research findings and information to support music in education.

Scholarly Music Resources

Selected links to online scholarly resources useful to the music educator and music education researcher.

Compiled by Dr. William I. Bauer of Case Western Reserve University.

Piano Lessons and Spatial Temporal Reasoning

From the Encyclopedia of Educational Technology (a publication of The SDSU Department of Educational Technology)

The website offers many interesting articles in Educational Technology.

The Technology Institute for Music Educators

A non-profit corporation designed to assist music educators in applying technology to improve teaching and learning in

music. Contains articles, publications, and information on a wide range of technology in music topics.